Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a month this has been! Everything that has happened to Adam and me recently has clearly been a calling to get to work in this new media service business, doing what we were born to do. We are discovering more and more businesses and organizations in the Capital District that want exposure via artistic video on the web. Something I noticed that is happening with DreamBig is that, for me anyways, I have always wanted to have a job where I help people. Even if it is just a part time gig, unpaid even. It turns out that a handful of our clients and potential clients are from organizations serving a good cause, whether it be promoting eco-friendly habits and products, non-profit transportation systems, or free summer lunch programs for the less fortunate. The way things are going, it appears something is finally cooking in my life as I am achieving the best of both my worlds: creative visuals and giving. Thanks for reading my first blog. Stay tuned.


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