Friday, October 9, 2009

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Importance of Online Video

Hello fellow dreamers!

Welcome back. As DreamBig's calender continues to fill up, we are continuing to teach ourselves to branch off into several different types of effective video. We were also once again interviewed by Mareesa Nicosia of the local Saratogian where we were asked to sum up our ideas and well...philosophy on how our services benefit business.

Having learned a thing or two about psychology, I know that based on the fact that the human brain employs 40% of the cortex to process video, humans are "wired" to scan the visual environment and are most attracted to visual stimulation. So use that to your advantage! Video is the most powerful medium to portray/sell anything. Whatever a company sells/services, there is no better way to communicate that message than through either video demonstration, instructional video, relationship building video, creative, funny, even just one person delivering a powerful, moving message. Even plain text can pull it off sometimes! I have seen it for myself (ex. The recent "you wanted to quit" smoking spot...and I don't even smoke! Very moving). Online video is now a huge asset to a marketing arsenal, and can be a great introduction before meeting face-to-face.

Also, with the direction the video industry is going, and with the apparent craze over viral video, we believe that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a video and millions to buy the media to run your spot. Great ONLINE video can spread like a wildfire (via Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Google, to name a few). With a simple Copy+Paste, embedding video on webpages and blogs is a breeze. Not to mention sites like Google's Adwords, you can now tell how many people found your video, watched it, and what WORDS they used to search for it. It seems that CLICKS (online) are the new RATINGS (tv)? Something to think about...

So, the bottom line. What are they looking for, and how do you grab their attention, and keep it? The answer: Visually.

Adam and I love being creative and are excited to put our abilities to work in producing all different kinds of videos for a huge variety of businesses, making each video better than the last.

Thanks for reading.