Saturday, August 29, 2009

Talk to People

Being friendly is king. Plain and simple. I am just so impressed that in a generation that is consumed by social networking, texting, and mobility, nothing beats face to face conversation. Actually sparking up a conversation with someone you know nothing about at a random spot or event. For example, a few weeks back I was shooting some video up at the race track and on my way out as I gathered some exterior shots of this building, I noticed a man in a suit standing next to this tree. I set my stuff up, shook his hand and soon after we had began a conversation about what we both do for a living and how insanely humid it was that particular day. Turns out we both were involved in video/media and we exchanged phone numbers, emails and I was soon on my way back to the station. After about two weeks of the most ridiculous phone tag game ever played, I was finally able to finally meet this client and establish a strong relationship just after doing some minor video work and listening to what he had to say and how his business works. He treated me as if I had been an employee of his company by including me in his conversations and making me feel apart of this particular project. It was great.

On what was originally my day off, soon became a day of listening, learning, and an experience that will hopefully build into a strong business relationship in the near future for Dream Big Media.

Meet and greet people. Listen and learn from them.


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